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Ultrafine Mill and grinding plant in Angola

Angola is located in one of the top five threatened hotspots in the world with the Congo lean forest which is located in the country as being endangered due to poor mining practices. Therefore Angola mining is becoming more and more severely in demanding and application. As a professional manufacturer of ultrafine mill and grinding plant, Oriental has always been putting increasingly demand to herself and has invented more and more ultrafine mill and grinding plants with high quality and better service which can meet clients need.
Angola was historically a major producer of diamonds, iron ore, gold and copper before independence. However, the ensuing civil war disrupted its infrastructure, significantly slowed the pace of exploitation of Angola metals and minerals base. Following the end of the 27-year conflict in 2002, the Angolan mining industry, along with economy, has grown rapidly. Angola is globally the fifth largest producer of diamonds in value, supplying 7-9% of world diamond output. As we can see that Angola is rich in diamonds and iron ore. In addition to diamonds and iron ore, Angola is also rich in several other mineral resources that had not been fully exploited by the late 1980s. These Angola minerals include manganese, copper, gold, phosphates, granite, marble, uranium, quartz, lead, zinc, wolfram, tin, fluorite, sulfur, feldspar, kaolin, mica, asphalt, gypsum, and talc. The government hopes to resume Angola mining in the southwest for crystalline quartz and ornamental marble. It has been estimated that 5,000 cubic meters of marble could be extracted annually over twenty years. To meet the demands of Angola mining, Oriental has developed more and more senior crushers and mills. Oriental has sent more technical engineers and installation engineers for Angola mining. Besides, Oriental has already established several excellent sample customers for Angola mining. If you want to start mining in Angola and need lots of ultrafine mill and grinding plant, we can offer you.


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