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Ore Milling Equipment Walks on the Road of Lower Energy Consumption

Rock crusher plays an important role in our modern society, which is a necessary production machine for many industry. Under the increasingly unoptimistic situation of resources and environment, energy saving and low consumption has gradually become a louder and louder slogan. ore milling equipment, as the most outstanding equipment in crushing industry, has a wide application scope. In order to better adapt to the development of the times, and improve the performance of ore milling equipment price, we also have to push ore milling equipment on the road of energy saving and low consumption.
According to ore milling equipment’s design characteristics, we have analyzed and worked out some measures to reduce its energy consumption. Next we will introduce from several aspects. The longer the lining plate is, the higher the power consumption will be. So hard materials should choose short lining plate; Soft materials choose long lining plate; Short liner is suitable for fine materials; And long lining plate for coarse materials. In general, if the material particle size is 10% less than that of the discharging gate, its energy consumption will increase, and the final product shape will change into flake. If the water content of viscous materials increases, it will affect the materials throughput. We also need pay more attention to the control of material moisture, generally not more than 5%, or it will cause energy consumption increase.
ore milling equipment, because of its poor running condition, heavy dust, and inadequate maintenance, usually has various kinds of problems in operation. Generally speaking, we should notice the following problems in the use of ore milling equipment to ensure the machine runs properly. When ore milling equipment is running, we should feed it evenly, without segregation. If uneven feeding happens, it can cause lower production capacity, product oversize, frequent spring action, large pressure on the bowl bearing, and power consumption rising.


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