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Ultrafine Mill Continues to Contribute to the Coal Industry

Coal is an important energy in our country, and it is the indispensable and fundamental material for economic and social development and plays an important position in energy structure. Coal resources have been selling like hot cakes, which show great market demands for ultrafine mills. In addition, with the energetic development of coal industry and the popularization of clean coal technology, the secondary conversion equipment for the coal carbonization, liquefaction and verification of coal will develop rapidly, and it is imperative to develop and research and manufacture large-sized coking equipment, large-sized coal liquefaction container and large-sized coal gasified.
High pressure ultrafine mill is a new type of patent product independently researched and developed by Zhang Pingdao, the general engineer of Zenith Machinery on the basis of many years of grinding mill research and development experience and combining with the actual using condition of the powder grinding equipment of the customers. It is a specially designed machine for producing gangue powder in the coal industry, and it is integrated with drying, powder grinding, and powder separation and elevating. Especially in the large-sized powder grinding process flow, it can totally satisfy the customers’ needs and the main technical and economical indexes have reached international level.
The high pressure coal crusher has the wider application than the jet mill. Compared with other similar products, this machine takes the higher pressure spiral, which can help increase the pressure, and the output of every unit is much higher. Powder grinding mill can be used for processing some materials whose Moh’s hardness is no more than 6 levels, such as limestone, calcite, marble and kaolin.


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