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Why Wear Underbust Corsets

There are various Cheap Sexy Clothes reasons why one would select underbust corsets over the more traditional overbust models. Not only do they generate a highly desirable hourglass figure, but they also do so without flattening the bust. Instead the bust line is enhance as well as pectoral muscles while shrinking the waist.

Entering an event Cheap Shapewear while wearing an underwire corset not only ensures the most desirable figure possible is maintained throughout the evening, but also adds a level of confidence and sexiness that’s hard to achieve any other way. As one of the most popular forms of lingerie, it enhances the bust and hips while providing the support needed to the midsection that improves posture.

Corsets today are designed with the needs of both men and women in mind. For men the enhancement in pectoral muscles and the narrower waist enhances overall appearance while remaining invisible under clothing. As has been found with continued use by women, for both men and women permanent changes to the body’s shape can be seen.

One of the most popular features of underbust corsets is the fact that they can also be worn over clothing, if desired. This is reminiscent of the renaissance era where wenches and ladies alike wore blouses under these undergarments resulting in an enhanced bust line that was coveted during this time period.

Today’s designers understand the need for comfort as well as functionality in this type of lingerie. No longer are they uncomfortable because of the whale bone used as ribbing in original models which had a tendency to be inflexible, stiff, and hurtful. Instead, today ribbing is often made of a plastic based material that adds support yet suppleness. Although they are also available with steel ribbing, the flexible boning is still preferred by many wearers.

Underbust corsets have stood the test of time and have remained a popular undergarment because they generate an hourglass figure, sexier look, slimmer appearance, and bustier presence. The support they provide to the midsection can also help those who suffer from back problems. With the renewed interest in this product, it is understandable why many consider them a mainstay for any wardrobe.

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