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Modern industrial development has been inseparable from the ultrafine mill support

The fineness of ultrafine powder is the most important requirement. The processing technology of ultrafine mill is very high standard. The new ultrafine grinding machine researched and developed by our company is a new type of equipment designed on the basis of milling machine to transform the structure and absorb the foreign advanced technology. The main technical equipment is reflected in the full contact roller mill, disc and material grading system classification accuracy.

ultrafine mill a full set of equipment, including hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage silo, vibrating feeder, micro-grinding machine, variable frequency classifier, double cyclone powder collector, pulse dust removal system, high pressure fan, air Compressors, electrical control system. Ultrafine mill suitable for mineral processing, metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, refractory materials, non-metallic materials such as superfine powder grinding, superior performance, by the milling industry of all ages.

China from the 70s milling machine industry has just started, developed, the major mill manufacturers have emerged to meet the market demand for ultra-fine grinding continues to increase. After decades of hard work and development, we insist on the innovation of technology and technology, feel free to receive feedback from our customers and continuously improve the performance and function of ultra-fine grinding, making a tremendous contribution to the development of the mill.

In recent years, ultrafine powder has been unwittingly integrated into the modern industry, such as mining equipment which is a straight line up the development trend, the paper industry generally have to add one to two into the ultrafine powder, another example of plastic products, super The amount of powder added is a direct impact on product quality and scope of application. In short, ultra-fine powder in plastic, electronics, coatings, abrasives, building materials, food processing and other aspects of a great deal of use, the development of modern industry can not be separated from the support of ultrafine mill.

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