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Asking for help Cheap Shapewear is contrary to our culture and our modern society. As a woman, I can struggle with pride and the whispering voices telling me „I must be self-sufficient“. Imagine my horror as I found myself hopelessly tangled in my own underwear.

There I was standing alone in the bathroom Cheap Sexy Clothes. My dominant arm neatly bound in a cast and locked at a right angle. I had successfully completed the complicated effort of showering and I now tackled the new skill of getting dressed one-handed. I had facilitated this „season“ of healing by investing in tank tops with built-in bras, since I refused to ask anyone for help fastening my traditional undergarments.

This was a brilliant solution to living without my very dominant right arm. Or so I thought.

I managed to get said tank top over my bad arm and slipped my head through the neck opening.

Honestly I don’t know what went wrong.

In the blink of an eye my top had come to life and captured my only good arm- trapping me helplessly in my own „solution“ to maintaining independence.

I hollered for help from my husband (who made matters worse by finding my predicament not only amusing, but irresistible as well).

In less than a minute I was freed from my own shirt and as angry as a disturbed wasps nest. My husband smiled, told me he loved me and wisely left me to relish the fruit of my efforts to maintain my self-sufficiency. Stupid me.

Lesson learned: it’s best to see myself as I really am. Right now, I am temporarily disabled, yet surrounded by a family who is more than willing to help me through this time. The truth is that it takes humility to ask for and accept assistance. But considering the humiliating alternative, I will be much quicker to let others come alongside.

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