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Identifying the Age Old Question, Boxer or Briefs?

In days of old Face Slimming , our favorite cartoons showed characters jumping out of their pants to show off men’s underwear as brightly colored, reddish, wool, itchy looking long johns. These days, we’re a bit better off with tons of styles and material. But, the age old question still exists-boxers or briefs? Of course, it comes down to preference, but also nostalgia. Men are creatures of habits, so when it comes to the family jewels, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it; the result is that a majority men’s underwear type, maybe even brand too, sticks with its owner for most of the owner’s adult life.

Puberty hits. Now what? Well, when it comes to men’s underwear, it means lots of discomfort if you wear boxers for some. There are some men that when their family jewels drop, they can get in the way of anything involving the legs-running, jumping, and worst of all, sitting. A boy must become a man and go from boy’s underwear to men’s underwear. So, mens briefs is the answer. For the sake of functionality, choosing briefs ensures the family jewels to be tucked away from painful situations. What are they exactly? Only a few inches of fabric that goes down to the upper thigh at most with a distinctive „Y“ shape for tucked fly, and an elastic waistband, briefs are much tighter than its brother, Boxers. Boxers is that fun, loose brother always getting in trouble. To lounge about, boxers are perfect-looser as well as longer material to act almost like pajama shorts, the fly is not tailored for much support so it doesn’t get in the way of couch potato-ing as much. Yet, that’s the flaw of boxers: no support for the crotch.

Here’s the irony. That drunk Latex Waist Wrainer of a brother, Boxers, is a lawyer! Some boxers are made from such loose material that it is then much thinner, and thinner underwear looks better when it comes to wearing a suit. Those elastic straps of support from briefs may come through the sensitive material of dress pants or other thin and loose pants. Watch out though, because Boxers is still too cool for school for his own good. The goal of wearing the right pair of men’s underwear when dressing your best with loose, thin pants is to avoid a diaper look, where the underwear seems thicker than the pants, and shows that quality off. Because some boxers are so loose, they may scrunch up, resulting in a diaper fashion show than slick, smooth pants. But men’s underwear is all about a fashion show.

To show off to that special someone, mens briefs are still in fashion. White is classic, but mixing it up is just as good. In other words, aesthetics is simply too subjective to counsel upon. Yet, be aware that there are hundreds if not thousands of styles when it comes to modern men’s underwear. From silk to cotton, from polyester to everything-but. Styles upon styles exist for today’s men’s underwear shopper. However, it still comes down to functionality: be aware of allergic scenarios before buying and wearing men’s underwear, because the family jewels covered in an allergic rash is never aesthetic or functional.

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