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Introduction of high efficiency stone crusher equipment

The stone crusher is one of the most important equipment in the sand stone production line, stone crushing equipment type is diverse, the different performance of stone crusher work is different, so what kind of stone crusher is the most efficient, high stone crushing performance advantage machine which is how to work, have which model for us to choose, below is a high stone crusher is introduced.

Introduction of high efficiency stone crusher

Can be used for sand stone production line of stone crusher of many types, but to say, stone crusher is the hydraulic cone breaker, also called efficient hydraulic crusher, he is the current stone crushing performance, the most widely applicable crusher machine, has two of its total center feed and falls off and the centre. Two kinds of material feeding mode.

Two. Performance advantage of high efficiency stone crusher

1, efficient energy saving: processing the same pile of materials, high efficiency stone crusher used less, and the energy consumption is 50% of the other stone crusher.

2, advanced structure and high efficiency: high efficiency stone crusher’s side of the crushing chamber has observation doors. We can see the operation of the equipment through this window, and at the same time, daily maintenance, repair and replacement of daily components can be realized through this window.

3, high automation, safety and reliability: self protection device through vibration display and alarm device, if the equipment is running bad, it can send out a warning, so that the device will stop working to achieve the purpose of protecting the machine.

4, the product quality is high, the use scope is broad: the high efficiency stone crusher product’s grain cube cube content is high, nearly has no needle shape, the fine broken product is used in the high-rise building, to tell the highway and the municipal engineering and so on to the sand and stone high request project, the application scope is broad.

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