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What is the process of gypsum powder making?

Gypsum is an extremely versatile industrial materials and building materials, can be used for cement retarder, gypsum building products, model making, medical food additives, sulfuric acid production, paper filler, paint filler. Gypsum and its products, porous structure and heat dehydration, so that it has excellent sound insulation, thermal insulation and fire performance. Gypsum commonly used in industry are plaster, gypsum plaster processing plaster to be used, then gypsum milling process is what?

Gypsum production process can be summarized as broken gypsum stone, calcination, grinding three major processes. The first gypsum stone ore using jaw crusher, crusher crusher crushed to about 30 mm, transported to the mill for fine grinding. After the separator is selected, the gypsum powder with the fineness required for the product after grinding is fed into the rotary kiln to be calcined. If it does not meet the requirement, it will be returned to the mill for fine grinding until it meets the product size. Building gypsum production In order to be able to produce stable calcined, different grades of gypsum stone are homogenized in a homogenization field. Then, the gypsum is uniformly fed into the jaw crusher by a feeder, crushed into a particle size of 10-25mm, then crushed by an impact crusher, and the bucket elevator machine, the silo and the feeder are dehydrated into the rotary kiln Finely ground.

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