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installation method of sand washing machine

Sand washing machine is a sand washing equipment for stone factory, the most commonly used sand factory. The sand washer machine has widely used in many industries, the drive motor, reducer, driving the impeller to tank kept in tanks for circumferential rotation, so that the gravel or slag particles sink in the stir in the water, turning, washing and dehydration by water in the impeller discharge.

Here we have to know about the installation of sand washer machine
1. the sand washing machine equipment should be installed in the level of concrete foundation, anchor bolt fixed.
2. the installation should pay attention to the main body and the horizontal vertical.
3. after installation check each part of the bolt looseness and mainframe warehouse door whether fastening, please fastening.
4. by the dynamic allocation of power line equipment and control switch.
5. check, empty load test, commissioning normal production can be carried out.

Sand washing machine working for heating in winter when the crushing plant, in order to make the lubrication system is working properly, an electric heater is arranged in the tank before starting to improve the oil temperature . In the summer when the temperature increased, the water into the filter cooler oil cooling. The Quarry crusher thin oil lubrication system, suggest the best use of these kinds of lubricating oil: normal temperature in the heating plant in the selection of 45, or 50 of industrial lubricants and automobile and tractor lubricating oil.

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