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All you want to know about Kors brand

If you are a Vodkabuff, then you know how unwinding the drink can be when selected sensibly. The truth is that the market has many vodka brands differing in costs and it decides what aperson can like in terms of affordability. Few of the expensive vodka brands are too costly for a regular vodka buff topay for. The price in most cases will depend on what has been used in the makingof the vodka. Few go through costly exclusive production methods; therefore, they try to be more costly. The vodka bottle style can even determine the cost.KORS BRAND has various vodka editions such as Kors Vodka 24k that goes for $24,500. It even has Kors Vodka Gold for amount $16,500.

For example, manufacturers use diamonds, gold, and platinum other materials to decorate the vodka bottles. The embellishments increase the costs and the bottle can be kept as gifts and they can really add a touch of beauty on an exhibit at home also. Few costly vodkas even come with exclusive gifts attached to them there fore the costs. The costly options are just extravagant in every sense. Below are few of the most costly vodka brands you will see in the shops.

The brand KORS is a highly regarded brand appreciated mostly by celebrities and royals in addition to billionaires. The vodka undergoes the diamond refining process, making it the best in quality. The bottle is created luxuriously and uniquely too that adds to the high cost of the vodka. The costs are certainly not an issue for those searching for the best vodka they may find. This brand is extremely popular among billionaires and celebs.

Vodka brand Kors Vodka is a set up by Mitch Krzisnik. Kors Vodka is manufactured using grains from 12 European nations and water from the Italian Alps, and is purified using diamond and gold extract methods. The formula for this vodka comes from a bunch of Vodka originated in Finland that was thought to be lost for over aperiod. This batch was a consignment dispatched from the last czar of Russia Nikolai II to George of England.The prices of Kors Vodka bottle with KORS LOGO vary from $12,500 up to $24,500, Kors is thought to be one of the most costly vodkas in the market. Kors Vodka manufactures a round thousand bottles every year.The bottles are manufactured from silver with crystal, platinum and gold adornments.

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