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Vertical roller mill can be adapted to a variety of plaster grinding process

The high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection of vertical roller mill operation has become the mainstream grinding equipment of gypsum industry by virtue of its efficient grinding principle, unique structural design, wear-resistant wear-resistant material and environmental protection equipment. Moreover, the vertical mill can also adapt to a variety of plaster grinding technology, and the advantages are more obvious.

Plaster resources in China are rich, the demand at home and abroad is expanding, and the use value of gypsum is very large. But because the technology of plaster grinding is relatively backward, the utilization of gypsum resources is not high, and the pressure of development cost is still great. Under such a situation, gypsum processing enterprises must apply high efficiency, energy saving and environmental friendly grinding equipment to gypsum grinding process, so as to gain profits in fierce market competition.

There are many kinds of plaster grinding equipment, such as Raymond mill, ball mill, vertical mill and so on. Gypsum grinding process of different grinding equipment will choose different, this will cause the gypsum processing enterprises cost increases, and the traditional ball mill, Raymond Mill gypsum powder processing system energy consumption is very high, and the dust pollution is very serious, these devices are no longer adapt to future development of powder market.

Through many surveys, it is known that the vertical mill is not only efficient in grinding, low in system energy consumption, and small in environmental pollution, but also highly adaptable. The machine can adapt to various plaster grinding processes. Users can not purchase new equipment to achieve different process requirements, almost perfectly solve the problems of the traditional grinding machine for the processing of gypsum powder.

The mill has the characteristics of all kinds of gypsum used in grinding process: large capacity, high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption, power consumption of dust and noise pollution, low investment cost, product fineness is high and uniform, reliable operation, long wear life and convenient maintenance etc..

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