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SOHO broadband router setup tutorial

SOHO broadband router setup tutorial
SOHO broadband routers are usually cheaper, simpler in function, and easier to configure and use. Such Huawei Gpon Onu Hg8245H are often used for home or small office access to the Internet. There may be some netizens who know less about the network knowledge and do not know how to configure them. Therefore, we intend to write a more systematic, detailed and complete configuration of the SOHO broadband router. A configuration method of

and SOHO broadband router

SOHO broadband router is configured with the Web browser. First, we need to see the broadband router’s IP address, login user name and password, which are usually written below the router or in the package. (IP address is usually 192.168.X.1, the user name is admin, the password is admin), the connection card of computer is connected to any LAN port of broadband router through direct twisted pair line.


1, the configuration steps with twisted pair is connected to any network and broadband router, a computer with a Lan port. Add electricity to the router.

2, configure the IP address of the computer. Let the IP address of the computer and the IP address of the Huawei Ce6810 32T16S4Q Li B Switch in the same network segment, for example, the router’s IP address is, we set the IP address of the computer network card to, and the mask is If the router has enabled the DHCP service, we don’t have to configure the IP address for the computer, and let the router’s DHCP server allocate the IP for it. The following is to configure the IP address of the computer procedure:

a right click on the “ &rdquo, click on the shortcut neighbors online; the pop-up menu on the “ &rdquo property; command, open the local connection

figure two right click the &ldquo

” local connection; figure three in “ &rdquo local connection; attribute to find and select “ ” Internet protocol (TCP/IP), and then click the &rdquo &ldquo button

; properties; figure four configuration IP address

3, open the Web browser (such as

IE browsing) in the address bar enter the IP address of the router, such as, if the normal connection, it will open the login dialog box figure five:

in the login box to enter a user name and password into the router management interface,

5, the way the Internet configuration and related parameters of the

The important configuration owner is to choose the way to access the Internet and enter some of the configuration parameters provided to us by ISP (such as telecommunications, Unicom). The following is an example of PPPOE Internet access.

figure seven choose the Internet for the PPPOE

configuration in figure eight the user name and password Huawei Smartax Ma5680T Gpon Epon Olt

lsnrctl, don’t forget to save the settings. Other parameters do not have to be configured. It can be used at this time.

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