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For this particular site, we used handheld acoustic monitoring meters

The bearing was replaced within one week during a shutdown period, so there were no disruptions to production.
If we hadn’t spotted the bearing problem and it had failed during operation, the plant would have lost at least two weeks‘ production, while the bearing was replaced and the required manpower and lifting gear were mobilised on site.
At Shapfell, the first stage in the production of lime is the ore milling equipment of the limestone itself.
The ore milling equipment of the limestone takes place on a 47-hectare site, one mile east of the Lime Works.
Drilling and blasting in the ore milling equipment are undertaken by sub-contractors, under the strict control of Shapfell ore milling equipment Management.
The average face height is 18 metres and blasts of between 10 – 30,000 tonnes of stone are carried out.
The shot stone is loaded and transported by dump trucks through a series of internal roads to the Crushing Plant.
In the crushing plant, limestone is crushed in a Primary ore milling equipment, screened and then transported to the Secondary Roll Crusher.
Further ore milling equipment takes place, with the small material being used primarily in the iron making process or sold locally as stone products.
The larger limestone, suitable for the kilns, is transferred to an outdoor stockpile.
Limestone from this pile is fed into a Washing Plant, where scrubbers, screens and thickeners are used to remove contamination and produce a clean raw material for burning in the kilns.
As Ian Taylor continues:When it comes to monitoring critical rotating plant and machinery, companies decide to work with CNES because we have the necessary skills and experience in choosing and understanding the various fixed and portable condition monitoring tools and techniques that are available – whether it is vibration, acoustics or thermography – and then deploying the correct tools for the job.
Paul Wright, Engineering Manager at Shapfell Limestone ore milling equipment comments: ‚CNES has helped us considerably over the last ten years or so.
By understanding which condition monitoring technique is appropriate for maintaining each piece of machinery or bearing, we can maintain output, efficiency and profitability of the plant at all times.


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