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Cornum believes that cloud-friendly applications are changing the whole scenario before it has even taken hold, making the devices that we choose or bring just a matter of personal preference. In practice most of us will actually just need a browser.“We’re seeing a 2.0 of CYOD coming to pass right in the middle of people trying to figure out the 1.0,” he says.It is almost irrelevant who owns what device if companies put the right policies in place. Ultimately CYOD is more acceptable to more people: the board loves compliance and predictability, IT gains control and manageability and end-users get a cool device paid for by their company that makes them more productive.And if most employees had actually read those first-generation BYOD policies they happily signed, they probably wouldn’t bring their own devices into work anyway for fear of events conspiring to wipe and reset a device that thought it was safe.

David Green: Guiltily, I admit I miss very little. I know I should miss friends and family greatly, but having made the decision to move here, I had to change the way I felt about missing anything. It does get hard at Christmas time when I remember being together with family in the past, but I have chosen to put myself in this position and accept the consequences of that.
The Register: What’s your top tip to help new arrivals settle in?David Green: If you expect anything to resemble the lifestyle and culture that you are coming from, you may struggle. We grow up closely experiencing the societal environment in which we live and do not always recognise the inconsistencies and dichotomies that exist.
Some people come here and rail against Thai ways of doing things because they cannot reconcile with the inconsistencies and dichotomies that exist in Thai society and culture. It’s probably a good idea to avoid becoming one of these sorts of bitter, misanthropic expats.

The Register: What advice would you offer someone considering the same move?David Green: Know and understand the visa requirements. It is not easy for non-retirees to stay here long-term without setting up a business (which is very expensive) or having a Thai partner.
The Register: You’re working in a – shall we say – mode not entirely supported by Thai immigration law. How’s that possible? And are you afraid of the midnight knock on the door?David Green: I work illegally, and I’m not comfortable with it. I have to lie to people and tell them I don’t work, just in case it becomes known what I do and it gets back to immigration. I’d prefer to be able to work legally and pay tax, but there is no visa that allows for this.
I do get nervous, especially when I have to renew my visa. I live off the beaten track and keep under the radar enough to avoid any attention, and that’s all I can do really.And for those readers who might romanticise my situation here, I would point out that in the eyes of many Thais, and certainly in the eyes of the officials here, I am viewed in exactly the same way as many people in the UK view the illegal immigrants from the various EU states.

The Register: Thailand’s had a rough time of it lately, between the floods and the coups. How’s that been?David Green: The coup was no great surprise really, and a lot of steps taken by the military in the last few months have been very popular so it can be seen as a positive move, even though the motives for the coup have been questioned by supporters of political democracy. And there has been a lot of world attention on the murders on Koh Tao recently, and this may result in changes to policing procedures being brought in.
Events like this seem to force the Thai people and authorities to look at things differently, and this can be the catalyst for change. It’s very sad that these events often involve loss of life, or freedom in the case of the media restrictions following the coup, but this always seems to be the case no matter what country it’s happening in.Ultimately, I do take a selfish point of view and consider how it affects me and my family, and though we have been affected by all of these recent events, they haven’t caused us to change our lives.

The Register: What can you get up to in weekends in Thailand that isn’t possible at home?David Green: Honestly, not that much around where I live. We have a couple of cinemas in town 30km away, so there is little of that sort of entertainment.
But on a Sunday morning I’ll go out for a cycle ride up to the local waterfall, then back home along the beach road with a deserted stretch of golden sand fringed by palm trees and remind myself that this is somewhere that people save up all year to travel thousands of miles to come on holiday for a few weeks.Today is an exceptionally competitive market and we are competing against some of the largest and most well-resourced development operations in the world … it’s much harder to gain or maintain market share than it was, even before Google entered with Chrome.Firefox’s early gains were secured by the fact Mozilla began making the web a better thing to consume using its browser. Mozilla was one of the first to contribute to HTML5, a standard which has only just been completed at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

“We started unlocking capabilities that didn’t exist in IE,” Gal said. “There was no pressure on Microsoft to innovate. That was one of the mechanisms that undid them.”But 10 years on, with zero per cent growth versus growth for Chrome and stabilisation for Internet Explorer, Mozilla must surely fret. Chrome is growing at Firefox’s expense – diverting users.Arguably, the desktop is less of a concern given that the PC market has stalled. Growth is in devices, where Mozilla reckons Firefox has its future with Firefox OS.Firefox OS isn’t a browser-browser, it’s an operating-system browser – a Linux kernel with the walls removed between the application called “the browser.”According to Gal, the battle is new but the issue remains the same: breaking the stranglehold of two monopoly suppliers – Apple, which owns the iOS developer and device market, and Google, which owns Android.
“Microsoft controls all aspects of the [IE] technology stack,” Gal said. “iOS and Android are the same today: highly controlled ecosystems where the owner of that ecosystem sets the rules and sets the technologies – and that’s what we are trying to fight against.”

He added: “Microsoft and Apple and Google’s goal is to make money for their shareholders, which is not wrong but creates a different incentive for us. Our goal is to make a browser for you.”Unlike 10 years ago, Apple and Google aren’t being smug about their market share in the way that Microsoft had once been with IE – building a piece of software that consumers could take or leave but mostly had to take.Apple and Google have clouds of developers willingly throwing themselves into building native apps for their respective mobes.How does Mozilla begin to convince these masses to slowly break away and think outside the native app?Gal reckoned Mozilla will win by building a better mobile web through its work on standards and APIs that it then implements and slots into mobile.“Many of the APIS that are on the desktop today didn’t exist 10 years ago in IE. In the mobile ecosystem the same problem exists … The data store API [and] performance improvements around Javascript didn’t exist three to four years ago, so it was important to make a compelling mobile experience on the web,” Gal told us.

Also, he added, by offering application authors cross platform using open standards and data portability so they don’t build versions of their apps for iOS and Android.“You can bring HTML5 not just to Firefox OS but also iOS and Android users. If you want to take advantage of massive scale of the web you need to have developer tool integration,” he said.A similar arrangement gives you access to Digital Concert Hall, an app from Berliner Philharmoniker offering concerts and live streams. A third party app called TV Player gives you access to Freeview channels including BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.Fire TV streamed smoothly in my tests, and makes sense for Prime subscribers. Whether Prime is good value is moot. The free content exists; but search for a movie and most of the time it comes up as a paid option, even for older titles.Roman Holiday (1953): £3.49 to rent, £7.99 to buy. Gone with the Wind (1939): £2.49/£4.99. More recent offerings have their own quirks, for instance, Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) is £7.99 to buy but no rental option. The Dark Knight Rises (2012) on the other hand: watch for free with Prime. The best advice is to check out the list on Amazon’s site and decide whether it is worth it for you.Music is less well served. Fire TV connects to Amazon’s cloud music service, which means anything you bought from Amazon MP3, auto-rip CDs (you buy the CD and Amazon automatically adds the MP3s), and up to 250 other tracks manually uploaded. However, there is no music store on Fire TV itself. I also found the selection of concert videos poor, whether free or paid.

There is a Spotify Connect app, but this is not full Spotify; rather, it’s a receiver for Spotify played from your mobile or tablet.Fire TV has a few party tricks. One is voice search, which operates via a microphone built into the remote. Press and hold the voice button, speak, release, and your words go up to Amazon’s cloud voice recognition service and back down to perform a system-wide search.Voice search is mostly good. It does make sense for a sit-back experience, and searching for something like a movie, actor or app generally works first time. There are occasional frustrations. A search for “TuneIn Radio” is recognised as “Tune in radio” and does not find the app. That said, it works well enough for you to use it.There is also an Amazon Cloud Drive app which you can instal on your Android or iOS device (Windows Phone users are out of luck) which automatically uploads your photos and videos, which then sync with Fire TV for viewing. A handy feature.What about casting a screen from another device to the Fire TV? There are two separate features. Second Screen only works with Kindle Fire or HDX tablets, and lets you project photos or videos from the device to the Fire TV. There is also Miracast support, accessed through display settings, which in theory should let you project the screen from any Miracast-compatible device. I tried two, one Android and one Windows, and neither worked for me.HP’s current mega global branding campaign involves a cute kid who loses his pet green iguana named Ralph. An HP laptop and printer later, he festoons his neighbourhood with posters of the plucky pet, resulting in a boy-and-his-iguana tear-jerker for the ages.

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