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The superiority of ore milling equipment

In the cement industry, the dust collector is the important equipment in the dry closed circuit grinding system. In the grinding process, the ore milling equipment is used to separate the fine powder and the coarse powder will be sent back to the milling equipment to be grinded, in order to avoid the over-grinding phenomenon, achieving the purpose of improving the production efficiency of the grinding system.
There are many new and efficient dust collectors. According to the classification mechanism as well as the development process, there are several types: (1) the ordinary air centrifugal ore milling equipment: it is earlier used in the cement industry and it is also the kind of machine that has been widely used. Its main working parts include the sprinkle trays, main blades, small blades. (2) the cyclone ore milling equipment: it is different from the ordinary air centrifugal ore milling equipment; the external circulating fan has replaced the main fan blade of the ordinary centrifugal one; and the speed of the small blade of the new cyclone ore milling equipment is adjustable to control the product fineness.
The ore milling equipment has the following features:
(1) it belongs to the static classification scattered equipment, there are no moving parts, it is reliable and stable, it is conducive to the smooth running of the roller press, increasing system throughput;
(2) simple structure and long service life of the wearing parts;
(3) the small amount of wind, the loss of pressure difference is small;
(4) finished product fineness can be controlled by adjusting the wind speed, it is easy to adjust;
(5) having the drying function.


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