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Houston Astros Jerseys point where what drama

„I will tell you – I hope it continues but it’s been a lot of fun. I’m kind of sometimes baffled of how it’s got to this point. Everybody’s asking me do you go back and think about two years ago? I don’t, but obviously nobody else has either. We’ve done pretty good here. I’m going to go out and finish the season Los Angeles Dodgers jerseys and do the best we can to win as many of the next five games we can, and sit down with my bosses who I respect immensely, and we’ll make decisions.”

Collins said last October it was possible this would be his final season if he was tired Chicago Cubs Jerseys again, but the 68-year-old said Wednesday he feels „great.“

He will turn 69 next May.

„I feel great, Houston Astros Jerseys but I’m worn out, but you’re supposed to New York Yankees jerseys be worn out this Houston Astros Jerseys time of year. Last year, your adrenaline is so high when you’re getting ready for the playoffs that when it goes away, it exhausts you as we’ve seen from the World Series experience,“ Collins said. „This year, I’m exhausted because of all the things we’ve had to deal with. I come in every day and it got to the point where what drama am I going to face today?“

If the Mets end Collins‘ tenure as manager after seven years, it’s possible he could be dded to a major-league staff and he’s also open to working in the minors again.

Collins has extensive experience managing in the minors, and also has served as a field coordinator as well as a director of player development.
Mets manager Terry Collins sees plenty of reasons for

Mets manager Terry Collins sees plenty of reasons for optimism in New York’s prospect system.

„I’m a baseball guy. I’m not embarrassed about going to the minor leagues,“ Collins said. „I’m probably not going to be an advance scout, that’s one job that I disliked immensely. I will never do that again. But I’m not embarrassed about doing anything that I think can help a team win and get better.“

If the Mets go in a different direction, Wednesday will be Collins‘ final home game with the team. Collins has insisted all week he is not thinking about whether this is his final week other than when he has been asked about it by media members.

He has, though, thought about what lies ahead.

“I will be in baseball somewhere,“ he said.
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