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Laptop Battery for lenovo IdeaPad G560E all-laptopbattery.com

"There is no need for thousands of contracts to purchase common laptops and desktops," the OMB said in its order late last week."Therefore, OMB is prohibiting agencies from issuing any new solicitations and directing civilian agencies to transition their expenses for laptops and desktops to three existing best value government-wide acquisition vehicles."While the new PC purchases are put on hold, OMB said it would ask a group of experts selected by NASA to develop a way to reduce the number of contracts and purchase orders agencies hand out and figure out best practices for cutting the costs of new PC purchases.The team will also seek to develop templates for standard notebook and desktop PC configurations that meet the needs of most federal employees. Those systems could then, in theory, be ordered in bulk from a single supplier."Most Federal employees need just basic computing capability to get our jobs done, but we often have hundreds of options – or configurations – to choose from, which further fragments our position in the market," the OMB said.

"So, the Administration is now standardizing configurations for a majority of the Federal Government’s basic laptop and desktop requirements."The hope is that a new purchasing plan will create a standard system and set of guidelines that agencies will be required to follow when they wish to cycle out their current PCs in favor of newer models.The IT spending issue is hardly a new one for governments on both sides of the pond, and this is not the first such campaign from the Obama administration to whittle down IT costs. A 2010 data center consolidation effort by the White House sought to create similar savings, but found little in terms of real-world cost cuts. We’ve asked why, using a Freedom of Information request that sought to learn the rationale for anonymising the imports data.That request’s come back with a partial success: we’ve been told that a “potentially identifiable transaction” could have made it into the September 2015 import data save for the ban.We were also told that releasing the full document “…would have a substantial adverse effect on the proper and efficient conduct of the operations of an agency.” It’s not clear if that agency is the ABS itself, which is bound to keep requests for confidentiality for import data secret, or another agency.

What we do know is that the ABS was happy to anonymise the data to keep the “potentially identifiable transaction” away from prying eyes.Which begs the question: what transaction took place in September 2015 that deserved anonymity?If the transaction was made by the government, this AU$114 million purchase for “Combat Net Radio and associated ancillaries” completed on August 31st sure looks interesting. If a final payment was due in August, that could be worth hiding.Or did something else go down in August that might have been worth keeping away from inquisitive eyes? Let’s not assume this was a defence or intelligence matter: as we explained when considering the fact that laptop computer imports have now been hidden, this may just be a case of a vendor not wanting the price it offered for a big deal to be easily deduced.Microsoft has, for a limited period only, offered to pay up to £100 to convince UK consumers to part with their old computers in exchange for a Windows 10 device.

If a customer is willing to shell out at least £499 on a PC running Redmond’s latest operating system, then the company said it would stump up £100 to encourage holdouts to upgrade.The cashback offer falls to £50 for Windows 10 devices in the £349 to £498.99 price range, and drops to £30 for new PCs carrying a price tag of between £249 to £348.99, Microsoft said.Customers wanting to take advantage of the frankly desperate deal will have 14 days to claim the cash following their purchase.Microsoft said it would take up to 28 days to validate the claim and customers are required to do the legwork by packing up their old laptops, desktops (including MacBooks and iMacs) and Chromebooks and sending them on to the software giant.Windows 10 device purchasers who cough up more than $599 can trade in a laptop and receive $200 from Microsoft. But, amusingly, fanbois who pay the same price for a Windows 10 device can swap out their MacBook for $300.Yup, it’s official, Microsoft sees more value in Apple gear.Anyone interested in the deal has until 20 October to claim back the cash in the US. While here the UK, Redmond said the offer stands until 27 October.

Something for the Weekend, Sir? I enjoy travel but I do not fly well – especially if the aeroplane’s wings are rusted, the tail has been attached with vinegar and brown paper, and the undercarriage is still sitting in the ditch it fell into at the end of the departure airport’s runway some 300 miles away.As you might have guessed, I am a big fan of the TV documentary series Air Crash Investigation. I am an expert in everything that could possibly go wrong, from insects nesting in the pitot tubes to bit-part actors in cheap gorilla suits dancing on the wing.Some in-flight medication is required to help me through the ordeal. Usually, I turn to a traditional herbal remedy derived from juniper berry oil and grain alcohol. To this, I add some carbonated water flavoured with a little quinine plus a slice of lemon.Five of those and a bag of nuts usually does the trick.On the occasions when work obliges me to hurtle through turbulent clouds at 550mph in a skinny metal tube piloted by a Roger Moore i

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