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Large diameter threaded rod bring greater reinforcement effect

With the development of urban underground space, deep foundation pit engineering is increasing, the traditional slope anchorage method in geology is complex, especially in soft soil, sand gravel stratum conditions such as bad address, can’t meet the demand of the slope stability, and the hole rate is very low, causing the great pressure of late grouting anchor and the greatly increase of the construction cost. Large diameter threaded rod technology is a new kind of anchorage technology applied in geotechnical engineering, it can be adapted to various complicated geological conditions, especially it has the obvious effects in the powder soil layer, the project successful when dealing with local easy landslide area foundation pit uses the large diameter anchor bolt technology, achieved good economic benefits.
Sinorock is a professional modern company which works on production of rock reinforcement products, such as common self drilling anchor bars, large diameter anchor bolt and anchor bolt accessories. The products are mainly used in the tunneling, mineral exploration and slope stabilization project. Sinorock owned the advanced production equipment and strict quality management system which ensure us to provide customers low cost, high quality products and efficient service.

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