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energy saving and environmental protection vertical mill

In response to the call of the national energy saving and environmental protection, our technical expertise in vertical roller mill operation energy saving and environmental protection technology research continuously, eventually developed to energy conservation and environmental protection as a vertical mill highlights, it is a very important to improve the working environment of mining area, has been successful practice in a number of processing plants, access to consumers, rave reviews.

Energy saving and environmental protection highlights of vertical roller mill

The domestic production of vertical roller mill production of many manufacturers, but different manufacturers of equipment quality, performance and environmental protection are there will be some differences, according to our survey found that vertical mill energy saving effect is significant, not only increase a highlight for the vertical mill, and high yield and high efficiency, so how to realize the vertical roller mill energy saving and environmental protection? What are the specific aspects? The detailed analysis is as follows:

1. careful selection

Always in response to the national energy-saving environmental protection material for vertical mill call, very cautious, for comparison, select those very good energy saving and environmental protection material manufacturing equipment, so as to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the equipment itself.

2. good sealing

The sealed gear box and belt pulley are adopted, and the lubrication system is very clean, the transmission device runs smoothly, and there is no dust overflow in the operation process, and the production process is more safe and reliable.

3. Equipped with dust collector

At present in many large dust collector equipment will be configured, our vertical mill configuration is pulse filter type dust collector, the advanced configuration, the dust removal effect is remarkable, can reduce dust emissions of vertical mill operation, to reduce air pollution.

4. Equipped with silencer

Noise pollution is also within the scope of pollution. In order to solve the noise pollution, our company is equipped with auxiliary muffler on vertical mill, which can reduce the pollution caused by noise pollution, and achieve green milling operation.

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