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Significant advantages of JawayMetal stainless steel resources

Significant advantages of JawayMetal stainless steel resources

Resources obvious advantages to ensure cost advantages The JawaySteel is located in Jiangsu Province, the surrounding coal, iron ore and other steel-making raw materials rich. Jaway Metal own iron mines, with an annual output of iron powder is about 10 million tons or more, fully meet the demand of steel companies listed in the steel plate, not only does not require outsourcing, the group can export about 1 million tons. Listed companies have from coking, sintering, ironmaking, steelmaking, rolling the entire process of production lines. Since the third quarter, steel prices rose at the same time, the upstream raw materials also have varying degrees of rise, swallowed steel profits.Stainless Steel Metal Products For Supplier – Jaway Metal

The company has abundant resources, high self-sufficiency rate, lower sensitivity to the upper reaches and cost advantages in the segment. Environmental protection limited production or reduce production pressure, or to further boost the prices of products Although the company is located in Jiangsu Province, „2 +26“ heating season green production area, but the company’s products are high-end stainless steel products, the demand side is more stable. In the case of limited production led to a slight decline in production, the product prices or to further improve. The price increase helps to increase the profit per ton of steel products, the fourth quarter company performance is still guaranteed.Carbon steel

Company earnings stable, giving buy rating Overall, the company remained profitable in January-September and up more than double the profit. The latter part of the company’s products benefit from improved supply and demand superimposed on environmental protection, profitability is expected to be further enhanced. Estimated 2017-2019 EPS were 0.64,0.69,0.75 yuan, corresponding to PE 7.92,7.24,6.70 times; give the company buy rating.Stainless Steel


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