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Knomo has engineered the Beauchamp as a slim stylish backpack that can crossover from business day to evening out. It’s tough in sleek nylon on the exterior but soft enough to pad out. The slip section takes a 15 inch laptop with a further padded pocket for tablet. It features shockproof protection through the sides and base, and there are a further three pockets on the outside.Testing it out, I added from the supermarket shop a bottle of vino, tinned tomatoes, three onions, an avocado and a bag of tagliatelle pasta. Then walked the one-mile home. Nothing squashed, and no fatigue on the back – laptop included. Ergonomic it is! The bag is available in black, grey, antique bronze, navy and pink with slight bling from gold zippers and branding. Bling aside, I like it, found it practical for work… and the groceries.Have you heard of Redchurch Street in Shoreditch, London? It’s the over-priced shopping street in an urban grunge setting but with Mayfair prices – get that? Still, the quality is good and most shop owners boast “hand-made” products.

However, the Walski store is a hidden (affordable) find. Why? It stocks Rains. This Danish brand is fittingly named as all gear it makes is weatherproof. This runner bag is sporty in style, made from 50 per cent polyurethane and 50 per cent polyester, it’s altogether strong and features popper and clip fastening, with comfortable straps along with tastefully minimalist branding.The main compartment includes padded laptop sleeve and two external pockets, and needs only a wipe over to keep clean. It’s best for those who regularly train or cycle whilst fitting in study or work. Go for the latest three-colour option, hit the middle ground with sand and green or play it safe in black.Product Round-Up If you’ve been promising yourself a new laptop holdall for ages, why not use this Bank Holiday weekend to get yourself, as the saying goes, a brand new bag? We’ll be looking bags for women tomorrow, so everyone can get kitted out with something chic, but first the swanky stuff for men.It’s not all about eye candy, though, as the focus is on the latest tech bags that are built to last with a range of different styles from messenger and brief to backpack. Among the key considerations are padded protection, durability and weight – who needs a bag that’s heavy before putting anything in it? Lest we forget easy access to compartments, carry comfort, a preference for an unobtrusive logo and, the most important thing, style.

Apart from the Longchamp bag, which fits 13-inch laptops, all others will accommodate 15-inch models and some take 17-inch machines, too.To get the measure of things, to fit a typical 15-inch laptop you need a width of 38cm on a soft bag or 40cm for a rigid bag and at least 43cm for a 17-incher. Most designs are quite rightly now unisex but the more ladylike bags follow tomorrow.This bag is posh, not in a posh stinky-rich-logo-blaring way, but subtle, with just an air of posh that Brits do well. Indeed, Capellino is a homegrown UK designer bag company.Going a step further, Alison Lloyd the designer behind the name, joined forces with Apple to launch the AO (Apple online) collection offering functional, but aesthetic Apple specific bags.Albeit Apple focused, this 15-incher is good for most PC models, too. It comes in just the latest neutral, grey, and shouts style with practicality for any worker or traveller. The satchel is made from the signature AO waxed cotton, with veg tanned leather base and trim. At under 1kg it’s branded as "super light" but doesn’t scrimp on quality. Alongside the padded pockets for laptop, tablet and phone it still has room to take other chunkier items.

The zips and lining are water resistant, adjustable shoulder strap to carry across the body or handheld with double woven handles. The quality is superb and, as the Capellino site states, "with a bit of care and attention it will last you a life-time." That being so, why is there just the usual one-year warranty?When it comes to Barbour, you’re probably not alone if you’re thinking wax jackets donned by fly fisherman, but this iconic British brand also makes enduring holdalls. New for 2015, its messenger bag offering has the rugged quality expected from Barbour but it’s equally suited to country folk or the city highflier.Kitted out in olive-coloured waxed cotton with waxed brown leather flap and antique brass detail, the Barbour logo embossed into the leather is suitably understated. The signature cotton tartan on the interior gives a nod to the traditional jacket with just one laptop slip pocket and one exterior pocket. Depending on preference or load you can haul it around from its tough cotton handle or use the removable shoulder strap. It’s fairly light too so it’s not an imposition, either.

Some may hanker after more pockets, but in my mind too many typically means it’s the last pocket you check that contains what you’re looking for. If you prefer a more structured look, check out the Barbour Belsay briefcase at £229.The revenue from newer converged storage systems (3PAR, StoreOnce, StoreAll, etc) rose 5.3 per cent over the year to $356m (from $338m), but traditional storage revenues (EVA, MSA, tape) slumped 18.3 per cent to $384m (from $470 million).Overall storage revenues of $740m were 8.4 per cent down on the year-ago’s $808m. It wasn’t the worst part of HP’s Enterprise Group business, where revenues declined one per cent on the year to $6.6bn.Business Critical Systems‘ revenue shrank by 15 per cent and networking revenue was down 16 per cent.So, newer storage systems revenue failed to grow past the trad systems, and overall quarterly storage revenue carried on declining, as it has done for 12 quarters or so.At least things aren’t as bad as the latest NetApp storage results but the pattern of continued, multi-year decline prompts the same basic question; if what you have been doing isn’t working what are you going to do to re-ignite growth?

NetApp’s answer is to double down on Clustered ONTAP; effectively, carry on doing what it’s been doing. What is HP’s answer?While CEO Meg Whitman is occupied with splitting HP into two, there is not much exec mindshare focussed on getting the storage business out of its slump.Stifel MD Aaron Rakers notes: "HP’s reported storage revenue … is down eight per cent year-on-year (12 per cent sequentially) versus combined EMC, IBM, HDS, and NetApp storage revenue at -2 per cent. EMC reported total storage product-only revenue at -5 per cent year-on-year, while IBM reported -2 per cent year-on-year recently; NetApp reported branded revenue declined seven per cent year-on-year in its April quarter."He said "HP expects that continued growth in converged storage will drive a return to overall storage growth in constant currency in the second half of 2015."There was some comfort for HP in this point: "3PAR was the fastest-growing all-flash array in 2014 according to Gartner, growing a fantastic +1,000 per cent from $8.8m revenue in 2013 to $102m in 2014, capturing seven per cent market share behind EMC, Pure, IBM and NetApp."

We might make the crude assumption that the initial and big 3PAR boost to HP’s storage revenues is pretty much over. Yes, there will be more conversion of trad systems to converged storage, but nothing dramatic because HP storage customers are faced with the same choice as NetApp ones.Do I stick with the known quantity that is HP for my storage needs, they ask, or do I move to newer all-flash array, hybrid array, hyper-converged arrays, scale-out arrays or the cloud instead? The steady downwards storage revenue trend suggests that they may well be buying from alternate suppliers.In the short term, it’s to carry on doing what they’ve been doing while the business bifurcates. In the longer term, there is the prospect of the radical Machine architecture revitalising the scene. In the medium term?There’s the rub. Does HP wait for the coming of its Machine Age or does it do something in the hyper-converged, hybrid, scale-out space, with a possible acquisition getting it to market faster than an in-house development process?Then there is the wild card; should HP merge with EMC or do something similarly revolutionary to turn itself into a part of a larger lean, mean, enterprise revenue go-getting machine?Watching gigantic oil tankers turn is a frustratingly slow business. So it is watching IT behemoths like HP. Meanwhile, the storage business, at just three per cent of HP’s overall revenues, probably gets a three per cent Meg Whitman mindshare. So who really cares at the moment?

Finesse did not feature when this bag was engineered but Booq should take some credit for producing such a utilitarian tech bag that takes everything. Intended for cyclists and those that carry plenty, space is ample for gym or overnight gear – even trainers will fit in easily, too. It’s easy on the back when cycling or carried messenger-style, featuring an adjustable seatbelt nylon shoulder strap and magnetic quick-release buckle.Booq describes the external material as a “tarpaulin” so it’s weather proof and features a reflective trim for night riding. The nylon inner compartment has numerous pockets, a padded laptop section, removable keyfob and Terralinq serial number to aid recovery of the bag if lost. Another large zippered pouch doubles as a luggage trolley pass-through.The Velcro and buckle-closing flap is practical, albeit a tad ugly, and the low profile handle could have done with some padding. If you don’t fancy the tarp, Booq has a nylon Boa Nerve Graphite alternative. For similar at only £50 – and if youthful enough to stomach the blaring logo – try the Superdry Classic Tarpaulin.

Competition for grabbing a bit of the Barbour vintage-esque market comes from US brand Fossil. Traditional heritage fabric makes this Fossil bag in waxed Calvary twill (yes, twill) and vintage-inspired buckles, but R&D has not been wasted when mixing authentic style but with modern comforts.Comes in dark brown and khaki with adjustable shoulder strap, one exterior slip pocket with well-engineered interior, including; one padded laptop compartment, three slip pockets, one zipper pocket, three pen holders, one credit card slot and up-to-date push-locks closure.The quality isn’t in question, the stitching will last – and you get more compartments on the inside than the Barbour. However the satchel flap design forgoes a basic handle, which is my only misgiving here. Still, there’s no standout logo – thank you Fossil, but at only £30 less than the Barbour, would you?Gladstone leather luggage is the John Lewis own brand range, which includes this hard-wearing bag in antique tan. Devoid of logos, this is a classic brief, but in soft leather so it’s a doddle to keep clean, unlike canvas alternatives. If it does get grubby, it rubs off easy enough and you can always resort to baby wipes – a remarkable unsung invention for cleaning bags.

Fuss-free, it has two external slip pockets on the outside with just one tough main zip to open it up. Inside there’s a padded laptop section with a short magnetic strap, rather than velcro. You get an internal zip pocket and three further slip pockets and pen holders. Like most bags featured, it’s water resistant but not completely waterproof, and being leather doesn’t pad out too much more than work gear. It’s comfortable to lug around, though, with its padded leather handles and a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap.Finally, ignore the tan description it’s actually dark brown. If you fancy a traditional black bag, the Hideskin Parker leather briefcase will set you back an extra £50 but the quality wont disappoint.The brand Knomo derives from two words: knowledge and mobility. As a London brand it’s known as the one that UK retailers actually stock, when too many brands languish on websites alone. Knomo aims for old-fashioned quality, built to last but with modern design. The range is immense but this brief in black or brown has lasting appeal given it’s made from soft leather that will improve with age.The design is structured, keeping it slim, with extra-padded walls for laptop protection with external zip pockets and easy zip fastener at the top. Designed as a hard wearing work bag, it takes just a laptop and documents with soft leather-clad handles or detachable shoulder strap.
It’s classy and includes a Myknomo ID number tag, so if you lose it, the Honest John or Joan who finds it can easily contact Knomo, and the company will retrieve the bag and return it to you free of charge. And if the Durham is too rich for your blood, the Knomo Raleigh Canvas briefcase messenger is a decent alternative at £149.

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