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Which kind of mining equipment has core competitiveness?

As the competition between ore milling equipment is increasingly globalized, market demand is changing continuously. Unique competitiveness of large-scale enterprises will inevitably play an increasingly important role in industrial organization structural system. Continuous improvement of production socialization degree in international scope requires production process to be further collaborative, standardized and professionalized which are precisely the advantages of medium and small enterprises. Hence, at the present stage and in the near future, coexistence of super large enterprises with bipolar characteristics and a large number of medium and small enterprises will become the main form for development of industrial organization. Compared with this situation, unreasonable phenomenon of organization structure of mining machinery equipment in China is still outstanding.

At present, overall efficiency of mining machinery industry is relatively low. The main reasons are various. Firstly, technical content of product is low. Secondly, gap between technology-intensive product and users‘ requirements is widening. Thirdly, core manufacturing capability of large complete set of equipment with high added value and engineering equipment is insufficient, which virtually bring more pressure to enterprises. So, when continuously deepening reform of large state-owned enterprise, it’s very necessary to stimulate the enthusiasm and passion of independent innovation of enterprise by means of system construction. The experts point out that realizing industrial upgrade is a task which must be finished from the current industrial competition. For enterprises, there are only two ways. The first is to continuously imitate and occupy market share really well. The second is to surpass the copycat and improve core competence and international reputation.

If we observe and assess the international competitive ability of equipment manufacturing industry in China without prejudice, it’s easy to find that the industrial competitiveness must be relatively low when main technical resource especially public technical resource is mostly controlled by state-owned enterprises. In this sense, achievements of mining machinery industry in China are more worth being expected. And only the mining equipment with high technical content and high added value can truly have core competitiveness.SBM is a professional manufacturer of mining equipment, welcome to visit our company, we never let you down.

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