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mobile crushing station is widely used as construction waste crusher

At present, construction waste has become the main source of garbage in our country, and after continuous exploration and development, construction waste is renewable resources, and the use value is very high. In view of the construction waste recycling technology research also shows that the construction waste recycling process is not complicated, as long as the election of a construction waste crusher called that can realize the mobile crushing station, construction waste utilization rate above 98%, promotion of great significance.

In order to speed up the industrialization pace of development, improve the quality and level of waste disposal and management, protection of the construction waste crusher promoting sustainable development, through the tax system to charge fees, charges can ensure the stability and reliability of. In addition, garbage collection can also be processed for reuse, but also can eliminate the leakage phenomenon and refused to pay, etc. caused by artificial operation injustice and even corruption from the point of view of technology.

Due to the relatively concentrated construction waste, the site is relatively limited, and the traffic is not very convenient, so choose mobile crushing station. Firstly, the construction waste crusher is a moving crushing and screening combination, which is used for multi-stage crushing of large and large pieces of materials. Construction waste is mostly solid waste, usually in the process of construction or old building maintenance and demolition process. Construction waste after preliminary classification, can sorting out some steel and wood, the brick, cement concrete broken into aggregate, after screening after processing, can get the value of building materials. If the materials in the aggregate is added in cement and fly ash, adding a part of water after mixing, the formation of different building products and road construction products, these products can replace the ordinary sand stone for road base.

The laying of construction waste recycled aggregate through mobile crusher station after the concrete, gravel and other materials after crushing production can be widely applied to the beautification of buildings and roads, residential, gardens, parks, squares and other public places of the road, railway, highway, slope reinforcement, reservoir dam and other construction projects, application in the parking lot, and city culture wall, and many other items on the pond.

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