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Analysis of Ore Dressing Technology of Portable Crusher Plant

Portable crusher plant is crystallized carbon with crystalline layer, which has a high conductivity and conductivity, and resistant against high temperature, stable chemically, small hardness, easily stuck to solid surface, can draw clear dark streaks on the paper. With all these good properties, it has been widely used in the industry.
Portable crusher plant flotation often uses flotation method, sometimes uses shaking sorting. portable crusher plant uses electrostatic separation, but due to ore beneficiation requiring thorough drying and precise classification, and high voltage power supplies are difficult to manage in a humid environment, fine particle component is difficult to deal with and other reasons, electrostatic separation cannot be promoted widely.
Portable crusher plant is mineral material easier to be floated in non-metallic minerals. portable crusher plant is frequently associated with MICA in order to prevent it from being entered foam. Inhibition with water glass is available. Water glass can inhibit many other gangue minerals.
Flake portable crusher plant has good flotation, portable crusher plant particles less than 1.65mm can be floated. Sometimes in order to advance separate out large areas of portable crusher plant and carbon portable crusher plant, screening (or hydrocyclone classification) dissociation was able to isolate large flake Portable crusher plant as the final product. In order to protect portable crusher plant flakes from repeated abrasion, roughing grinding fineness of feed may be thicker, rougher concentrate should be with multi-stage grinding.
Ore dressing of cryptocrystalline portable crusher plant is still difficult, mainly due to bad quality of portable crusher plant floatation, this is because the hidden quality of portable crusher plant crystals are small, often embedded in clay. The recovery rate of flotation process is low, with high grade of tailings, so the method cannot be abandoned.


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