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ultrafine mill new materials with good wear resistance

If given conditions, users can integrate the three ways to get a better ultrafine mill result. They are also several major trends in design of the grinding system in the future at home and abroad. Let’s have a look at the interconnections among the three ways: crushing is the precondition; separating is the guarantee; grinding is the basis. Hence, the particles size is reduced; the separating efficiency is increased; the grinding system is optimized; the output of ultrafine mill will naturally boost.

From the above analysis, I believe that you must want to have a try since it is very practical. Trust me, and you will succeed. Here, for your sake, I have to mention another problem you may encounter. That is the grinding media wear. Don’t worry. I will introduce some solutions to help you.First, since the harder and larger the particles are, the faster the wear is, therefore, you should reduce particles size as possible as you can.

Secondly, you should maximize the use of new materials with good wear resistance to make the grinding body. It is the most significant means to reduce wear, increase output and improve ultrafine mill efficiency.So the traditional design of ball mill tends to be conservative, and the intensity far exceeds the working condition. Since there is a lot of strength reserve, Henan has made detailed analysis on it. We will continue to make an effort to moderate and research brand new product, which will benefit the long term development of the enterprise as well as the society.

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