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The Develop of Construction Waste Crusher Supports the Construction of Western China

With the increasing investment boom of artificial sand, the gold period for sand making plant is coming. Along with vigorous advance of Twelfth Five-Year plan, the infrastructure construction has got rapid develop.
1. When the material is in the machine, we cannot start the construction waste crusher. If we do this, the power driver will be damaged. So we should start the machine firstly and then feed the ore material into the construction waste crusher.
2. Each crusher has its application scope, construction waste crusher is the same. The ore material that enters into the machine has a specific particle size. If the material is too large, it will block the feeding port of the construction waste crusher. If this phenomenon happens, we should sweep the machine and it also will affect the production process. When the impeller is damaged, we should change it to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
3. The sand making plant needs daily maintenance, or the inner parts will be damaged easily because of the attrition. After a period of time, the construction waste crusher should be added the lubricating oil to ensure the long working time of the machine.
4. The construction waste crusher is fixed by the crews, after the strenuous exercise, the crews will be loose. When the abnormal ring is heard during the operation of construction waste crusher, we should stop the machine and check it timely.
In province, there are many customers use the new type of construction waste crusher. This province has good stone resources; so many customers invest the production of DY series construction waste crusher. Hammer crusher is popular in the last years, but nowadays, the construction waste crusher has a good develop prospect in the future.


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