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Ore Milling Equipment Is the in Grinding Equipment

Due to the kaolin produced by ore milling equipment iswhite, soft, easy to disperse and suspend in water, with features of goodplasticity, high adhesion, excellent electrical insulation properties, etc., soit is widely used in papermaking, chemical, ceramics, paint, medicine and otherfields.
Since the specific properties of the kaolin, the kaolin powder madeby kaolin ore milling equipment is possible to give good coverage performance and goodcoating gloss performance to paper, and increase the whiteness, opacity,smoothness and printability of paper in the process of micronized kaolin paper.Therefore, as raw material of paper-making, kaolin powder is very popular inpaper industry, at the same time, the kaolin ore milling equipment also has been theapple of grinding equipment.
As a professional crushing and milling equipment R D manufacturer, the kaolin grinder millmanufactured by Shanghai SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is widely welcomed bymany enterprises by its advantages in the paper industry. Meanwhile, SBMwill stand on the unprecedented height, to research and develop more advancedkaolin ore milling equipment, grinding miller and other grinding machine, providingcustomers with the highest quality products and the most perfect service!


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