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Raymond Mill escort for non-metallic mineral powder

Excellent performance in the coal mining of Raymond mill process in the good market effect, with the application of coal gangue project, Raymond mill grinding equipment of mine become the meat and potatoes again, make a contribution to the development of coal processing industry. The coal gangue crushed by Raymond mill has been successfully used in the production of cement, concrete, new wall, coal gangue sintered brick and other building materials. The economic value of coal gangue has jumped thousands of miles.
Material analysis of coal gangue
Coal gangue is a kind of solid waste discharged from coal mining and coal washing, and it is a black and gray rock with low carbon content. Experts said that coal gangue is misplaced resources, has a high recycling value. As a professional manufacturer of crushing and milling equipment in China, the goal of R & D team is to achieve a win-win situation of economic benefits and environmental protection of coal gangue.
Coal gangue milling equipment
Flour milling equipment is introduced many kinds of models, customers can determine the relevant parameters of mill according to the scale of production and material properties, and then determine the specific program of coal gangue milling production line. The grinding roller device is installed under the plum blossom frame of the Raymond mill, and the roller rotates around the vertical axis on the premise of the rotation of the mill itself. Under the drive of centrifugal force, the extrusion of the material is formed along with the grinding ring when the roller is swinging outward. Raymond grinding roll of coal gangue rolling can achieve finished material production more uniform, higher degree of satisfaction of building materials product quality standard of coal gangue.
Raymond Mill escort for non-metallic mineral powder
Through the performance of Raymond Mill in the production of coal gangue powder, we found that the equipment not only has high production efficiency, fineness of finished products is good, but more importantly, its application range is very extensive. Mohs hardness below level seven, humidity below 6% in a variety of non flammable and explosive materials, such as coal gangue, fly ash, slag, steel slag, slag, iron ore, limestone, barite, talc, kaolin, bentonite, bauxite and so can be used to select the Raymond Mill powder classification. Because of its high fineness, it can be adjusted freely between 1.2-4.6mm, so it is the most ideal equipment for non metallic ore milling.

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