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Construction waste crusher handling equipment

Construction Waste Crusher construction waste, including construction dregs, waste bricks, waste tiles, scattered mortar and concrete, in addition to a small amount of steel, wood, glass, plastic, all kinds of packaging materials. The current general approach is to transport it to the designated location for centralized landfill. Many people are aware of the risks of landfill pollution, but few people really see the value of garbage disposal space. Such as the construction of waste can be recycled into brick or concrete and other construction timber, can be used to replace the increasingly reduced stone resources, greatly reducing the depletion of the mine mining. Characteristics of construction waste crusher

Fixed construction waste disposal machine can be in accordance with the domestic market, flexible combination, strong adaptability. Various crushing stations have a variety of configurations, the user can also be configured according to their own needs, according to different requirements of the composition of the broken process „first broken after the screen“, can also be composed of „first screen after the broken“ process, broken and sieved Can be used alone. Construction waste crusher can be combined according to the actual needs of coarse, crushing two broken sieving system, can also be combined into coarse, medium and fine three broken sieving system, can also run independently, there is a great deal of flexibility.

Construction waste disposal equipment is divided into mobile and fixed two, are by the feeder, construction waste crusher, shaker, in addition to iron, belt machine and other components, the output is very small. Mobile construction waste disposal equipment is more convenient, can be directly into the construction waste treatment plant, in the demolition site to achieve waste into treasure, the use of spraying equipment to reduce environmental pollution. Fixed large area, large output, demand for concrete base, in the closed plant, no pollution. Each have their own advantages, so for customers, according to their actual situation to select the appropriate equipment. Regardless of what kind of equipment, have a reinforced concrete separation technology, are unique in the country.

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