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Ultrafine mill the future of the three major factors

ultrafine mill as the main equipment of the powder industry, with the rapid development of modern industry, ultra-fine grinding technology in high-tech research and development will play an increasingly important role. Ultra-fine grinding of the development prospects of unlimited, which is mainly supported by the national policy, the rapid development of industrial and ultra-fine grinding equipment, their own technological innovation three major factors.

The process of ultrafine grinding of water slag powder

Water slag powder is blast furnace slag after ultrafine grinding machine obtained after grinding a superfine powder. Water slag powder with ultra-high activity and potential hydraulic gelling properties, in cement clinker, lime, gypsum and other activators, can be used as high-quality cement and concrete admixture, is a new type of green building materials , The use of high value.

Cement superfine grinding model specifications

Different specifications under the model of ultra-fine grinding mill corresponding milling requirements (reducer models, speed ratio selection) and duration capacity are ranging, and these values ​​are different from the equipment and the late production Efficiency and the premise of the cost of input has a relatively direct correlation, it is recommended that users in the purchase of cement superfine grinding equipment, we must carefully look at the manufacturers given the cement superfine grinding model parameters.

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