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Construction waste mobile crushing line

According to the requirements of the production and processing of Construction Waste Crusher materials, fixed or mobile crusher can be selected for processing, and can be selectively used grinding equipment for further processing, the finished product has a wider range of uses. At present, we in the construction of garbage crusher production practice on the basis of a number of improved design, launched specifically in the construction waste mobile crushing station on the use of improved models, and successfully applied in the tire mobile crushing station and crawler Crushing station, the performance is extremely advanced, with a steel cutting device will be cut after the steel, the host will not be blocked, recycled bone grain size is good, and the feed mouth is large, you can change the three broken broken single Models in the more cost-effective.

With the country’s continued concern about the construction waste resources, the existing construction waste mobile crushing station is generally the demolition or removal of construction waste through the counter-breaking mobile crushing station and round sieve moving screening station two systems, Finished products sold, but this one of the finished material in addition to the rebar from the counter-break when the iron belt machine was sucked away, which also contains a lot of wood, plastic, rags and other debris can not be a one-time removal of clean.

The result is: First, the finished product after crushing lower grade, more impurities, can only be used in some low-end occasions; Second, because the use of limited, resulting in the sales market limitations, affecting the economic benefits; The entire construction waste recycling process is poor, affecting the city’s environment and image.

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