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Construction crusher mobile crushing station

Construction Waste Crusher for the host of the crawler-type mobile crushing station can achieve multi-level crushing for a crushing, but also to meet the needs of granulation, the host with a steel removal device to improve efficiency; installation of intelligent systems, Production capacity increased by 30% -50%; machine installation of dust suppression system to achieve the use of dust-free resources; wear-resistant materials cost-effective, life is more than three times the original foreign imports; supporting power small, dual-use, energy saving The advantages. Compared to the import tracked mobile crushing station, our new tracked mobile crushing station is more cost-effective, more suitable for the domestic construction waste broken the status quo.

The first stage, pretreatment of construction waste materials is best pre-processed, including (optional) the use of hydraulic hammer will be too large block material will be too long steel cut to prevent damage to the transmission belt, sorting to remove large pieces of debris Wait. The second stage, broken using jaw crusher, impact crusher and other raw materials for the broken, the actual application of the project proved that the process can be efficient crushing of construction waste, the separation of steel.

The third stage, in addition to iron sieving after the broken material through the iron and other iron will be separated from the iron, sand and stone through the shaker to form a different specifications of the finished product sand, stone, a small amount of material does not meet the requirements of fineness back to the crusher re-processing , The formation of closed-loop, to ensure that the grade requirements of finished products. The fourth stage, grinding (optional) by hanging roller mill can be processed after the crushing of the material, the production of different grades of powder.

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