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Factors influencing the output of construction waste crusher

The construction waste crusher production is the purchase is concerned about the issue, but also the user later get higher profit protection, how to increase the yield of the construction waste crusher , what are the factors that affect the construction crusher production, the following were elaborated for customers.

Factors influencing the output of construction waste crusher
1. Hardness of materials
The hardness of a material is broken up, the more difficult, in the larger hardness of material crushing, the equipment will cause serious wear, thereby reducing broken schedule, reduce equipment crushing capacity of materials.

2. Humidity of materials
When the water content of the material broken by the construction waste crusher is too long, the material is prone to adhere in the crushing cavity, and at the same time, the material will cause different degree of blockage, resulting in the reduction of crushing capacity.

3. Composition of materials
Before crushing material powder containing more crushing effect is poor, because of broken fine powder in the material will affect the delivery of materials, and some fine powder adsorption on the device, will increase the friction, reduce the service life of equipment, thus affecting the crushing capacity.

4. maintenance and maintenance of equipment
Construction waste crusher repair and maintenance is critical, if not regular maintenance, some accessories due to serious wear during the operation, will greatly reduce the crushing capacity.

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