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Air Jordan 11 Will be Out Soon 1013

Nike and the Drop Jordan always have something unique in store for its fans. This time around, the lead sports footwear manufacturer has collaborated with the JM’s brand to produce a super cool pair of shoes. The Air Jordan 1 Los Primeros will be available to the public as from October 13, 2017. The retail price will be just 160 US dollars to make sure everyone can afford a pair. The pictures of the upcoming sneakers are already out and the new pair of sneakers will come in black color with mild colored patches or simply multi-color-black. Los Primeros shoes are themed to celebrate the heritage of the Latino and Hispanic communities in the USA.
This new pair of shoes is part of the popular Air Jordan 11 Win Like 96 signature and is expected to sell like hotcakes. Are you wondering what makes Los Primeros version unique than other trainers under the same signature? Well, here is want you to need to know. The new sneaker was designed in Sao Paulo Brazil by a street artist known as POMB. This is actually, why the word POMB is placed at the upper back of Los Primeros to celebrate its designer. The design and construction of these shoes are rooted in the Latino culture, history and diversity. The objective of POMB in this pair of shoes was to encourage the Latinos to keep pushing on to achieve their dreams and never to give up.
The upcoming Los Primeros is one of the newest reinventions of the Buty Jordan Sklep signature. The shoes come in black printed theme in the upper part matched with a black sole. The tongue, insoles and the toe box is spiced with colorful images and illustrations to make it unique and flashy. Of course, the colorful images on the Los Primeros are what has captured the attention of many fans, especially the youngsters. This also makes the new retro a perfect match for a wide selection of colored and floral casual outfits. You can imagine rocking out in flashy black sneakers with human images on the tongue and the fore-upper toe area.
However, this should not be mistaken to mean that the Los Primeros Cheap Air Max are just for the Latinos and the Hispanic fans. Everyone can get a pair once the shoes start selling in the chosen stores. Nike just chose to celebrate this group of fans in this pair of shoes, as it normally does with other groups of its fans. To the Latinos and the Hispanic fans of Jordan’s brand, this is something that you cannot afford to miss in your wardrobe once the shoes are out for grab. Now you know. Get your funds ready so that you can be the first one to get a pair these fabulous sneakers and take your fashion to the next level.

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