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The Overall Design of Aggregate Construction Waste Crusher

The structural features and performance of aggregate construction waste crusher:
construction waste crushers have two mixing shaft axis, the axis has certain helix angle and pitch distribution with fan-shaped mixing blades, and two-axis blades staggered distribution; the housing sidewall is equipped with a water inlet pipe, nozzle is horizontal arrangement, the water uniformly ejected from the inlet pipe, and the two rigid stirring shaft make reverse rotation, so that the fly ash is uniformly mixed and conveyed.
Stirrer with a blade rotating rotates in a cylindrical or slot, the blender will be carried out in a variety of raw materials mixed with stirring, and become a mixture or a suitable consistency of the machine. The construction waste crusher is divided into a variety of compulsory construction waste crusher, a single horizontal shaft construction waste crusher, twin-shaft construction waste crusher. Note: blenders and automatic feeding machine, when using the construction waste crusher, you must clean the inside, especially in winter, which can extend the life. construction waste crusher is also blender, because the ordinary action of the construction waste crusher is mixing all kinds of dry mortar, it is commonly known as the construction waste crusher.
SBM brand construction waste crusher can be carried out on the material, the high-speed strong shear, impact, construction waste crusher, dispersion, which can achieve rapid mixing, dissolving, dispersing, thinning function. This product adopts dynamic vertical drying technology, which enables materials disperse in the dryer and increase the area of the hot flue gas contacting with the material, the hot flue gases and materials make full convection, radiation and conduction heat transfer.
Maintenance note: replacing the scraper must cut off the power supply, and hang prohibited boot logo. Make someone guard power to avoid accidents. Conservation: the staff should regularly check the testing and refueling reducer, motor bearings. As long as the maintenance, the device can be used at least 7 years.


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