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Two sexy lingerie supplier thousand bras equaled one bust.

A Queens man was arrested yesterday on charges of selling Wholesale Sexy Underwear $80,000 worth of hot Victoria’s Secret brassieres (as modeled by smokin’ Eugenia Volodina, right) on eBay.

George Tutaya, 41, of Rego Park, used various eBay seller names – including beautiquest, bestfordivas shopforless2 – to allegedly peddle the 2,000 bras. The brassieres, which retail for $40 to $80, were snapped up by buyers for as little as $25.

“Excellent and fast shipping!” one of Tutaya’s unsuspecting customers raved on the Web site.

“Great eBay seller, wonderful to do business with,” cooed another in rating Tutaya, who received a 100 percent approval nod from his clients.

A source said Tutaya didn’t steal the bras himself, but got them wholesale from a professional shoplifting ring.

When cops raided his home, they found business records linking him to the 2,000 sales – along with another 650 frilly bras worth $26,000.

One of Tutaya’s neighbors said he was shocked to learn of the shenanigans.

“He went to work every day. That’s when I’d see him and say hello,” said the man, who wouldn’t give his name.

The neighbor said he didn’t know what Tutaya’s day job was, and that the suspect and his wife, who are Hispanic, spoke very little English.

“My first inkling [of trouble] was when the cops were here, and they told us they were looking for stolen stuff sold on the Internet,” the man said.

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