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Must-Have Foods For Your Freezer

Busy display cooler mini freezer who want to put tasty and nutritious food on the table for their families value quality products which save them time. That's why we decided to have a close up look at frozen food and to list our top frozen products worthy of space in your freezer. Here they are:

1. Frozen Vegetables: Using frozen vegetables enables us to eat seasonal foods at any time of year and without clocking up huge food miles. Plus they're flash frozen within hours of harvest, thus preserving those valuable vitamins. Best of all, they're very quick to cook and are less expensive than buying fresh vegetables. We all use frozen peas, but have you tried broccoli or green beans yet?

2. Frozen Meat: We surprised ourselves here because when it comes to meat, we've tended to go for fresh from our butcher or supermarket and frozen it ourselves. But we've recently discovered online companies offering premium frozen meat. Not only that but it was ethically sourced, chest freezers manufacturer in chennai was clearly labelled and lasts for 12 months in the freezer. Worth checking out if work stops you getting regularly to the supermarket.

3. Frozen pastry. Now we love cooking, but we don't see the point in making our own puff pastry with a small child hanging off our legs when there are such good ready-made alternatives available. Frozen pastry is the same quality as fresh, and ideal for turning the leftovers of a casserole into a pie for dinner.

4. Frozen fruits. Great for out-of-season puddings such as Blackberry & Apple Crumble in February! Why buy blackberries from the other side of the world at extortionate prices when you can get them frozen? We were particularly impressed with the "supermarket basics" ranges of frozen fruit which are ideal for whipping up a healthy smoothie.

5. Frozen herbs. Most types of spice to keep meat fresh just require part of a pack of fresh herbs, and whilst you can always freeze the remainder in ice cube trays for future use it is a bit of a pain. We therefore like the lack of wastage from tubs of frozen herbs.

6. Frozen garlic. We love garlic, but you can sometimes run out of the fresh stuff at the most inconvenient times. Frozen garlic in tubs is therefore a good standby to have in the freezer. What frozen foods would you recommend? Do get in touch if you've come across a hidden frozen gem.

Alison Pinto runs Menus4Mums, the online family meal planners who help busy parents ditch the takeaways and ready meals and serve up tasty, healthy food for their families, modern method of storing fruit and vegetable saving them time and money in the kitchen.

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