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Self-drilling rock bolts have a wide range of application fields

The needs and requirements of clients and business partners are always of paramount importance. Characterized by reliability, trust and cooperation based on partnership,Sinorock offers its clients the advantages of an international system supplier with a product range that is tailored to suit individual requirements.In more than 30 countries and at 28 regional manufacturing sites,Sinorock develops, produces and supplies high quality systems such as rock bolt systems.
Sinorock offers self drilling rock anchors in variants of R25, R32, R38, R51 ,T30,T40, T73,T76.T103,T111 and T130 and their accessories including the Anchor Nut, Anchor Plate, Anchor Coupler and Drilling bits depending on the geological condition of the project site (Type EX, EXX, ES, ESS, EY,EYY).
Self-drilling rock bolts have a wide range of application fields including reinforcement of poor rock/soil conditions in tunnels, stabilization of tunnel faces, tunnel root piling and tunnel entrances.
Other applications where self-drilling rock bolts are used include tunnel portals, tunnel trenches, cut and cover areas, reinforcement/stabilization of excavation paths, dams and slopes, as well as reinforcement of retaining walls and noise barriers.
The rock bolt, which may also be used as an avalanche protection barrier in addition to its usage in foundation piles and support piles, offers comprehensive solutions to users.
While producing reliable quality rock anchoring tools, we also work to control our production cost, as this is how we are able to keep our prices down. One way we accomplish this is by providing our own raw materials. We also use advanced production techniques and equipment to fully utilize our materials, and to improve production efficiency. Staff skill training is provided to achieve high team efficiency, as well. Therefore, our rock anchoring tools, are high quality and reasonably priced, so they are popular both in our domestic and international markets. You can find our products throughout the United States, Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and other countries.
In addition to high quality and low priced rock anchoring tools, we also provide complete customer services to our valued customers. For example, samples are available and offer warranties on all of our rock anchoring tools. In addition, our professional technicians will design customized rock anchoring tools upon request.
We are approved by ISO9001:2008. We welcome you to try our energy saving, environmentally friendly rock anchoring tools,please contact us at Sinorock. We look forward to working with you.

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