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Dez Bryant Jerseys offensive player

Garrett plans to talk to Elliott about his „uncharacteristic“

Was Jason Garrett happy with Ezekiel Elliott’s effort after an interception Sunday in Denver? Absolutely not.

Are you worried that this will become a constant trend for Zeke in the future? Absolutely not.

Garrett referred to the play that has been repeated over and over again in social media and television programs, showing Elliott’s failure to run after Broncos Dallas Cowboys Jersey cornerback Chris Harris after an interception.

Elliott was also running a route in the middle of the field when Harris caught a deflected pass. Zeke stopped and put his hands on his hips as the Broncos gained more yards across the field, which led to another score in Sunday’s 42-17 loss.

Garrett even said that Elliott’s effort at the other intercept was not acceptable either.

„Well, he had the two plays that were not good plays. Obviously the two interceptions, „Garrett said.“ One of the things we preach to our team on both sides of the ball is that when there is a loss of the ball, everyone is involved. If you are an Dez Bryant Jerseys offensive player, you become a defensive player when a ball loss or an interception occurs. “

But at the same time, do not expect Garrett to be overly concerned about Elliott’s future as a competitor.

„Zeke is one of the most natural competitors I’ve ever met,“ Garrett said. „He loves to play. He loves to practice. I think we saw that during his first year playing. Those two plays are not indicative of the type of competitor he is and we need to talk about it. “

Garrett said Monday, a day off for the players, Ezekiel Elliott Jerseys who had not yet spoken Dak Prescott Jerseys with Elliott, but assured the media that he would not only talk about the Dez Bryant Jerseys play in private, but possibly against the team to serve as a teaching moment .

„One of the foundations of our football team is to fight,“ Garrett said. „We’re going to compete, fight, scratch and attack, that’s what we’re going to be.“ That’s one of the reasons we love Zeke Elliott, that’s what he is. Meyer (Ohio State coach) told us that he is the best player he has had when the ball is not in his hands, so he has made big blocks during his career with us.That’s exactly what he is. I repeat, those moves were not characteristic of him.We’ll certainly talk about this with him, but we have to talk to him with our team.This is not how we play. “

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