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What happens if the lubricant of ultrafine mill fails?

Ultrafine mill has a small footprint, complete set of strong, stable performance, easy to operate, low energy consumption, adjustable controllable finished product granularity, and so has a wide range of use, in the production of the machine has very good performance, processing of finished product quality is very good, and has a good capacity, The use of the air duct arc design effectively improve the production of output, host frequency regulation to reduce energy consumption and wear, and so on, these different advantages, making the machine in the market has a very good application situation.

However, the good machine, at work, also need the correct operation, as well as regular maintenance, otherwise the words not only have an impact on the production capacity, for its service life also has a great impact, and for its maintenance process, including the regular lubrication, lubrication needs suitable lubricant, in ultrafine mill production, According to models, temperature and so on to choose the appropriate type of lubricant, so as to help them achieve a good production process, but in the production, if the lubricant failure, for the mill, what harm will be caused?

Lubricant failure is very harmful to Superfine Mill, will make the lubrication can not be achieved to reduce the wear and tear in the production of components, and the failure of the lubricant may also be due to the air with some chemical reactions, and caused by the machine rust, corrosion and other phenomena, which not only can not extend the life of the machine, It also increases the failure rate in production, which is detrimental to the efficiency of production and the cost of maintenance.

In addition, the chemical decomposition of lubricants, pollution, excessive heat and lubricant loss can cause lubrication failure, if the lubrication process mixed with silt, dust and iron filings, metal powder will produce abrasive wear, and wear faster, a variety of lubricating oil on abrasive wear does not improve the role of oil can only remove foreign impurities from the tooth surface wash off, If the wear particles suspended in the oil, will play the role of grinding agent, to promote abrasive wear continue to develop, therefore, in order to prevent abrasive wear, in the process of ultrafine mill must ensure the cleaning of lubricants, in addition, if the choice of oil lubrication has a lower viscosity, then conducive to grain precipitation, oil must be filtered before use, In order to ensure the quality of lubricants in the production of regular lubrication system oil sampling test, regular decontamination.

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