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Stone Crushing Equipment Performance Characteristics

A mine stone crusher can crush a material above medium enough to crush it. Stone Crushing Equipment mainly used in mines, building materials, chemicals, metallurgy, roads, bridges, construction and other industries. There are four crushing chambers for mining crusher. They are coarse, medium, fine and superfine. Compared with the similar models, the crushing frequency and the eccentric distance combination of the mine crusher are more suitable, and the crushing material can be broken to a higher degree, and the output is higher. In addition, the crushing machine increases the lamination crushing effect of the material particles, so that the three-dimensional shape of the material is more beautiful after being broken, and the selling point is increased.

Stone Crushing Equipment performance characteristics
1. the use of world-class manufacturing processes, the use of high-quality materials for making.

2. more advanced movable jaw assembly to make it more durable. The movable jaw assembly is made of manganese steel and is driven by two large cast steel flywheels. In addition, the heavy eccentric shaft is also made of forged billet, all of which make the jaw crusher stable reliability.

3. the bearing block and the shell are integrally cast, and at the same time, the radial strength of the bearing seat is greatly enhanced.

4. using finite element analysis technology, crusher has higher strength.

5. The crushing chamber adopts symmetrical V structure, so that the width of the actual feed opening is consistent with the width of the nominal feed opening.

6. the discharge adjustment is faster and more convenient. The jaw crusher is provided with a wedge and a material outlet adjusting device, which is simpler, safer and quicker than the old gasket.

7. the selection of bearings larger specifications, higher carrying capacity. Jaw crusher is equipped with other than the same specifications crusher bigger and more durable eccentric shaft bearings, its higher carrying capacity and effective labyrinth seal, so that the bearing life extended greatly.

8. the new type of toothed guard plate is adopted to increase the effective length of the jaw plate, and the output is higher.

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