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How to solve the environmental problems of ultrafine grinding

For ultrafine grinding of this type of mill equipment, environmental protection has become the same important performance standards, environmental protection does not meet the requirements, it is difficult to get the recognition of customers, so for environmental protection we must take seriously, then for the production of environmental protection problems, how can we solve it?

For ultrafine grinding production line of environmental issues, mainly dust and noise, these two aspects of the environment will be contaminated, and the health of the staff has adverse effects, so need to be resolved in a timely manner, below to introduce the solution of these two problems.

For the dust problem, in the production of ultrafine mill, there are more or less dust problems, feeding mouth, discharging port and fan seal, because of fine particle size, very easy to fly out of the seal is not good, the solution is to use the negative pressure system as far as possible, the use of good sealing equipment and fine grading equipment, When necessary, install dust removal system in the crushing workshop to ensure the clean production of the workshop, especially the ultrafine mill in the production of pigments, dyes, fiber powders and poisonous powders, which can ensure the safety of staff;

For the noise problem, in the case of material grinding, the machine in the production line, generally produces some noise, but generally speaking noise in a reasonable range, if beyond this range, the need to use silencers equipment to reduce the sound operation, which is to ensure the ultra-fine grinding environmental protection of another important aspect of production;

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