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Ore Milling Equipment Model Specification

Ore mill is an indispensable grinding equipment for ore dressing plant or mineral processing production line. Now as a result of technology development, there are a lot of different ore milling equipment on the market, specifications are different, the user in the purchase of the equipment sometimes do not know how to start, only for their own production requirements are not clear what kind of ultra-fine grinding, sebang Industrial Technology Group in view of this situation, how to select the type of ore milling equipment specifications? Users can consider from the following three aspects.

1. consider the grindability of the ore produced by ourselves and the fineness of the product
The case, when the grindability good ore, and the required size of -200 mesh products accounted for 60%, can choose the lattice type ore milling equipment; second, when grinding is selected by the user of the ore and the required size of -200 mesh products accounted for more than 60%, a grinding can choose lattice mine stone powder machine, two stage grinding mill selection of overflow type ore. And the size of ore milling machine according to production requirements, processing quantity to buy.

2. consider the product flow rate requirements of the beneficiation process
One is when requirements of grinding products for dry products, namely the ore moisture content is low, can choose to dry ore milling equipment; the two is when the low rate of grinding products or no water requirements, will generally choose wet ore milling equipment proposal, because this type of high efficiency, easy to plug.

3. consider energy consumption and steel cost factors
First of all, energy consumption, ore milling equipment energy consumption is very large, in the selection of superfine grinding model specifications, we must take into account the energy consumption. Usually, the specifications of the superfine grinding price of high energy consumption, high cost; more steel consumption, it indicates that the processing consumes how many tons of steel per ton of ore, it is a large cost of grinding cost, so users in the choice of ore grinding machine specifications should also be included in the account, because with their own investment funds linked.

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