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automation of the increasingly high demand

To improve the level of the impact crusher , simply stay on the basis of the introduction of imitation is not enough, and to make innovation on the basis of digestion and absorption. This design method to adopt the modern, and vigorously carry out the experimental work, such as material in the impeller flow state, flow channel lining wear law board etc..

With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, economic construction of industrial automation of the increasingly high demand, have put forward the new request to the operation technique and impact crusher plays a more and more important role in the field of national economy.

The impact crusher is becoming more and more competitive, and a high degree of automation, intelligent, multi function, high efficiency, low consumption of mining equipment is more and more favored by the industry. To further reduce the production cost, management cost, improve production efficiency, makes the new impact crusher including ball mill grinding machines equipment can achieve higher prices for better quality, further improve the competitive power in and foreign market, along with the rapidly expand competition in the market.

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