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Battery for ASUS UX31A Ultrabook

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Toshiba Electronic Devices Storage Corporation today announced the launch of “DF2SxxP2 series,” a new series of TVS diodes that protect USB power lines and power supply connectors used in mobile devices. Commercial shipments start today, and each of the six products in the series will be rolled out in turn.

Application of Toshiba’s original Zener diode process to the DF2SxxP2 series has lowered dynamic resistance to 80% that of current products[1], securing instant absorption of electrostatic discharge (ESD) and noise. The diodes also realize a high peak pulse current rating about 32 times[1][2] larger than that of current products, which contributes to system reliability, while keeping electrostatic discharge unchanged at 30kV.

The new diodes protect the power lines of smartphones and tablets by suppressing malfunctions and damage from ESD, noise from induced lightning that enters via the power cord and signal cable, and transient voltage at the time of turning equipment on or off. They can also be used to protect the USB Type-C™ charging lines (VBUS = 5V to 20V) that will be widely used in the future.

Toshiba Electronic Devices Storage Corporation (TDSC) combines the vigor of a new company with the wisdom of experience. Since being spun off from Toshiba Corporation in July 2017, we have taken our place among the leading general devices companies, and offer our customers and business partners outstanding solutions in discrete semiconductors, system LSIs and HDD.

Our 19,000 employees around the world share a determination to maximize the value of our products, and emphasize close collaboration with customers to promote co-creation of value and new markets. We look forward to building on annual sales now surpassing 700-billion yen (US$6 billion) and to contributing to a better future for people everywhere.

Rogers Corporation’s (NYSE:ROG) Power Electronics Solutions (PES) group will be a major exhibitor at one of the leading global events for advanced battery technologies and related products. The Battery Show 2017 conference and exhibition is scheduled for September 12-14, 2017 in the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan. Exhibitors will be showcasing advanced battery technology for electric (EV) hybrid vehicles (HEV), utility renewable energy support, portable electronics, medical technology, military and telecommunications. The Battery Show 2017 is co-located with the Electric Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo.

Rogers at Booth 1845
For its part in supporting mobile and portable power applications, representatives from Rogers Power Electronics Solutions (PES) group will be on hand at The Battery Show, at Booth 1845, to display and explain the optimum use of its wide range of materials-based solutions . These include curamik Power, curamik Power Plus, curamik Performance, ROLINX® Hybrid laminated busbars, ROLINX POWERCIRCUIT® Solutions, ROLINX Compact, ROLINX Flex, and ROLINX Housing Solutions.

curamik Power are cost-effective metallized ceramic substrates with excellent thermal conductivity (24 W/mK). They are suitable for general-purpose use where the dissipation of heat is a concern, including for photovoltaic (PV) inverters and electric power-steering modules. When a longer lifetime and better mechanical durability are required, curamik Power Plus substrates provide the ampacity and ruggedness needed for traction drive inverters in EVs and HEVs. curamik Performance substrates provide even further enhancements to mechanical robustness with the best trade-off between mechanical properties and thermal conductivity (90 W/mK), providing a good match for circuits in EV and HEV traction drive inverters.

Rogers ROLINX Hybrid laminated busbar is specifically design for battery cells connections in EVs and HEVs. This laminated busbar integrates flex circuits and is ideal for compact designs that use surface-mount components. These rugged busbars can handle voltages to 0.8 kV DC and power levels to 100 kW. Made with copper and aluminum conductors, their straightforward design eliminates wiring errors in power supply circuits, making these laminated busbars a good fit for battery cell connections.

Rogers’ economical ROLINX PowerCircuit Solutions are designed to replace thicker PCBs at higher power levels. These thick copper circuits include polyimide insulation and are compatible with wave soldering methods. They are rated for voltages as high as 0.8 kV and power levels to 200 kW, and feature a continuous operating temperature range of -50 to +125ºC.

ROLINX Compact are epoxy-powder-coated busbars for power applications, especially where space is limited. With a voltage rating to 2.5 kV AC and several megawatts power-handling capability, these miniature busbars are well suited for battery connections in EVs and HEVs as well as in space-constrained UPS designs.

ROLINX Flex are flexible busbars, formed of pure copper laminates with protective PVC insulation. Available in standard and custom lengths, these flexible busbars are ideal for applications which must endure vibration or thermal expansion. They are versatile as well as flexible, and can be used in battery connections for e-mobility applications, in battery connections in EVs and HEVs, and in drive systems and power supplies.

ROLINX Housing Solutions are designed to simplify the design and assembly of electronic equipment housings. These injected-molded structures combine connectors with busbars for reduced weight and low-inductance power connections in electronic equipment housings. Ideal for high-volume applications in automotive and aerospace products, they can handle power levels to 100 kW at continuous operating temperatures from -40 to +125ºC.
PES Design Support Hub Resource for Engineers
Rogers PES brings its 40+ years of experience together in a handy online resource that is available 24/7. The PES Design Support Hub features complete technical information onROLINX busbars and curamik ceramic substrates, a library of technical papers on product design and problem solving and helpful videos on products and power distribution topics. Registration for access is quick and free. The Design Support Hub helps design engineers increase power, manage heat, and ensure the quality and reliability of their devices for optimal new product design (https:www.rogerscorp.com/designhub).

About Rogers Corporation

Rogers Corporation is a global leader in engineered materials to power, protect, and connect our world. With more than 180 years of materials science experience, Rogers delivers high-performance solutions that enable clean energy, internet connectivity, and safety and protection applications, as well as other technologies where reliability is critical. Rogers delivers Power Electronics Solutions for energy-efficient motor drives, e-Mobility and renewable energy; Elastomeric Material Solutions for sealing, vibration management and impact protection in mobile devices, transportation interiors, industrial equipment and performance apparel; and Advanced Connectivity Solutions for wireless infrastructure, automotive safety and radar systems. Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona (USA), Rogers operates manufacturing facilities in the United States, China, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, and South Korea, with joint ventures and sales offices worldwide. For more information, click here.

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