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Micro powder mill expands the application scope of kaolin

With the rapid development of science and technology, the application scope of kaolin is becoming more and more wide. Kaolin is a common material, mainly used in the high-tech fields, such as the space shuttle, spaceship, etc. Whats more, it can also be used for paper making, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, coating, pharmaceutical and other industries. Nowadays, there is a greater demand and higher requirements for kaolin.

We also know that the application area of kaolin has a high requirement on kaolin technique. So it as well has a high requirement on its grinding equipment. To be applied to the industrial production, kaolin must be processed into fine powder before being added to other materials. In various industrial sectors, they have specific requirements on kaolin particle size and fineness when used for different purposes. In the production process of kaolin powder, micro powder mill is the most frequently used equipment.

When it comes to its grinding equipment, as is introduced by our company, the ultrafine mill is very applicable to the grinding of kaolin. Micro powder mill is exactly designed for the ultra fine grinding operations of non-metallic minerals, especially for kaolin powder processing.

The kaolin micro powder mill manufactured by our company. is a piece of professional powder milling equipment in domestic, with a minimum fineness reaching 3000 mesh, which can greatly extend the application scope of kaolin powder and bring more economic benefits for kaolin powder production enterprises.

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