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It makes more sense Madden Mobile Coins

It makes more sense for him to force those situations to develop and provoke chaos for Madden Mobile Coins opposing teams, because he’s at his best in the middle of that disarray.The way he embarrassed the Raptors wasn’t by slowing the game down, it was by speeding it up. His defenders couldn’t set themselves up long enough to do something useful.

The sequence that preceded the Raptors‘ Keystone Cops transition defense is a perfect illustration of this concept. Westbrook got the rebound and turned it into an instant one-man fast break, which few players can even dream of doing. That tactic works because he’s in the Raptors‘ faces just as they’re turning around to sprint back.

At that point, they’re already in desperation mode, and that’s no good against a sprinting Russell Westbrook.This foot-on-the-gas style extends to his passes as well. It only takes him a few touches of the ball after passing half-court to hit a teammate in stride. That quick release disorientates the defense, yet the more he pulls those plays off, the more opportunities he ultimately creates for himself.

You can thank human failures like fatigue and the inattention to detail that results from constant mental pressure.Westbrook creates anxiety in defenses, which makes it easier for his teammates to get open looks as well. Unfortunately for Buy Madden NFL 18 Coins opposing teams, one of the teammates is Kevin Durant, a player whose own strengthsperfectly complement Westbrook’s pedal-to-the-metal style.


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