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Gold ore shaker

Gold ore shaker works: the vertical reciprocating motion of the bed is through the crank connecting rod drive mechanism to achieve gold ore crusher. The motor through the belt drive to the large pulley drive crankshaft rotating rocker with the upper and lower movement, rocker downward movement, the brackets to promote the rear axle and reciprocating lever to move back, the spring by the compression bed is through the linkage and reciprocating Rod, so at this time also make the bed for back movement, when the rocker upward movement, due to the tension of the spring to promote the bed with the forward movement.
Gold ore shaker work process: the shaking bed of the beneficiation process is to have a strip on the slope of the bed, the ore particles from the bed corner of the ore to the tank, while the supply of water from the tank to the horizontal washing water, Then the ore particles in the gravity gold ore crusher, horizontal water force, the bed for reciprocating asymmetric movement generated by the inertia and friction under the action, according to the proportion and size of the stratification, and along the bed for longitudinal movement and along the inclined bed for lateral movement The Therefore, the different gravity and particle size of the ore along the direction of their respective gradually from the A side to the B side fan-shaped flow, respectively, from the concentrate and tailings side of the different areas of discharge, after being divided into concentrates, mines and tail mine.


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