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6 ways to increase the efficiency of ultrafine mill

The factors affecting the production efficiency of Ultrafine Mill mainly include water content, composition of raw materials and production operation. Besides, the use of dispersant and the configuration of reducer are also considered. The combined effect of these factors will then affect the efficiency of ultrafine grinding. Below we discuss how to improve the production efficiency of ultrafine mill from the following six aspects.
1. Moisture content of material
The water content of raw materials, such as ore, will affect the production efficiency of Ultrafine  Mill . Therefore, in the grinding process, the production efficiency can be affected by controlling the degree of dry and wet of the material. For example, when the material to be dried is too dry, it is possible to add some water to the mineral, so as to avoid the drying process of the original ore crusher and lead to low production efficiency. By controlling the moisture content of the material, it has a considerable effect on improving the production efficiency of ultrafine grinding mill.
2. Wear parts of superfine grinding
Wear resistance is one of the important factors that affect the working efficiency of ultrafine grinding mill. Wear resistant parts are the parts that wear more quickly during the grinding process. They need to be fitted with suitable accessories, including workmanship and materials. Followed by accessories, if worn seriously, need to be replaced. If not replaced in time, it will lead to incomplete grinding of raw materials, lower production efficiency, and will affect other production parts, and even cause damage to the machine.
3. Raw material composition
Similarly, the mineral composition of raw materials is not the same. For ultrafine grinding, the raw material composition of the mineral should conform to the grinding range of superfine grinding, otherwise it will not only seriously affect the production efficiency, but also cause great damage to the equipment. Of course, the grinding strength of ultra fine grinding mill can be improved, but it will generally choose the appropriate ultra-fine grinding equipment, so as to achieve the lower cost of production.
4. Current of superfine grinding
In general, the power of the super mill is proportional to its production capacity, and the greater the power, the stronger the production capacity. The effect of ultrafine grinding current is a major factor in the production of superfine grinding, while under normal circumstances, the use of ultra-fine grinding of current is constant, but the experiments in a reasonable range, the increase of current will increase the driving speed of equipment. This directly indicates that the current is large and can affect the working efficiency of ultrafine grinding mill. What is particularly worth emphasizing is that the available current of the ultrafine mill is within a certain range. The increase in current limit achieves power within the rated power range.
5.Use of dispersants
In the superfine grinding process, the proper addition of dispersant is beneficial and can improve the work efficiency.
6.Reduction gear
The rotating speed of ultrafine mill has great influence on production efficiency. In order to increase the speed of superfine grinding, the work efficiency can be improved directly.
In fact, in the normal production process, front-line operators are more able to find and solve problems. Therefore, they should continue to innovate and make recommendations on the basis of the original, and feedback the results to the equipment manufacturers, so that they can be produced and processed according to the application requirements.

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